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Because when it comes to sewage issues, we chart a responsible course.

Our Domestic (Sewage) and Industrial sewage Treatment Systems are designed with the principle of maximum efficiency, minimum energy and cost. We are experts in sewage & grey water treatment. Atlas is committed to reducing your consent to discharge levels. Our waste water treatment services are second-to-none and designed to save you money.

The Biological Waste Water Treatment Plants requires no sludge removal, requires no permanent labor and has a very low electricity demand and maintenance cost.

We manufacture a complete range of concrete and plastic low energy sewage treatment systems and septic tanks.
No one else even comes close on product range, national distribution network or price.

We supply both the domestic market with sewage and waste water solutions – we are also Kenya’s premier supplier of large commercial sewage treatment and waste water treatment systems for schools/hotels and other commercial applications.

Our systems are easy to install and are the most reliable products in the market. We offer a full design, supply, installation and maintenance service for any size system – and we have highly qualified technicians on hand to help you every step of the way. Atlas Principle
Wastewater comes from two major sources: as human sewage and as process waste from manufacturing industries. If untreated, and discharged directly to the environment, the receiving waters would become polluted and water-borne diseases would be widely distributed.
The concept of treatment is very simple. The bacteria remove small organic carbon molecules by ‘eating’ them. As a result, the bacteria grow, and the wastewater is cleansed. The treated wastewater or effluent can then be discharged to receiving waters – normally a river or the sea, alternatively used for irrigation, flushing of toilets or general non-potable uses.


Final effluent contains no chemicals
and is safe for re-use in terms of irrigation, dust suppression and discharge to the environment.

• No permanent labor required to operate the plant
• Low operating and maintenance cost
• Plants range from single households up to large industrial systems
• Minimal footprint and reduced land requirement

Our experienced team with vast experience in Biological Waste Water Treatment systems offers the client a unique skill set to ensure a tailor made solution that is efficient, sustainable and cost effective.