Poultry & Livestock Disease

Poultry Disease and Fungicide treatment   


Product Name: Chlorine Dioxide

Application: Poultry Disinfection & Livestock disinfection

What is Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine Dioxide is the fourth generation of disinfectant which is an ideal water treatment chemical. It is a kind of highly effective, safe, quick and broad spectrum disinfectant, recommended by the world by WHO and FAO as class AI disinfectant. 


The importance for livestock and poultry disinfection

As is known to all, modern intensive farming makes livestock infectious diseases spread faster. And concentration of harmful gases such as ammonia & hydrogen sulfide in livestock farming is very high, so it easy to predispose livestock and poultry to bronchitis, laryngitis and other diseases.

Regularly disinfection of livestock and poultry feeding condition
can reduce pathogenic microorganisms to a minimum. Besides, it effectively oxidizes odor and harmful gases.

Therefore, Protech® plays an important role in prevention of livestock and poultry disease or controlling the occurrence and spread of infectious diseases.Disinfection is particularly important!


The advantages of using chlorine dioxide in breeding industry

Chlorine dioxide is the AI level disinfectant which the UN’s world health organization (WHO) and the world’s food and agriculture organization (FAO) confirmed. It can kill  all viruses and bacteria, including bacteria in spore. Because chlorine dioxide has the following advantages:

Broad spectrum effect, no drug  resistance, Quick action, convenient to use, harmless to human and animals, No environmental pollution, Removes peculiar smell and also to prevent user poisoning.

Protech® Chlorine dioxide is the best choice for breeding industry disinfection. It has multiple functions, sterilization and deodorization.

1. Oxidation capability is strong. The oxidation capacity of Protech® is 2.6 times than chlorine. It can quickly kill pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and algae in the water (including spore, viruses and worms, etc.) in a short time.

2. Protech® does not react with ammonia or chloramine in the disinfection, so it not only won’t produce peculiar smell, but also the oxidizing mercaptan, secondary amine and tertiary amine odor material; when in the high ammonia water it also keep good sterilization effect.

3. Protech® can remove oxidation of Fe2 +, Mn2 +, cyanide, phenol, etc in the water.

4. Protech® does not produce chlorinated organic compounds which have cancer-causing potential, and make water trichloromethane generation reduced by 90%.

5. Broad spectrum pH: within the scope of PH 3-10. Sterilization effect of Protech® is almost not influenced by PH value. Besides, the higher the water temperature the better the sterilization.