Laboratory Testing

Analytical Testing Laboratory Services (Atlas) is a registered independent testing laboratory providing expert chemical analyses in Environment/ Agriculture, Food Chemistry and microbiological products.

Our Mission Statement is:
To become a trusted partner in the business of our clients in East Africa by providing quality analytical testing, friendly client service and value-added At Atlas:

  1.  All analytical procedures are fully documented for your on-site audit and GMP compliance need. We use regulatory and widely accepted industry methods such as USEPA, AOAC, AOCS, methods whenever such methods exist. Our in-house validated analytical methods and Statistical Quality Controlled (SQC) laboratory performance will deliver consistent and reliable lab reports on your samples.
  2. Our client service team has created the most detailed sample and report tracking system to assure prompt communication to our clients on lab results and to maintain trace-ability on samples and reports. Client inquiries on their samples will be either answered on the spot or within the next business day. This is our guarantee to you.
  3. Our desire to become a partner in the success of your business will make your testing costs go a long way. You will not just receive a one-page report for each of your sample. We will track normal / abnormal sample trends for the history of your products. We will discuss and provide our opinion whenever there is a need. Our high quality lab performance plus strict record/document-keeping system will help you to defend your product through the toughest scrutiny.
  4. Our focus is on ensuring whatever analytical needs of our clients have been met with accuracy and precision in the time frame required, with expert project management & documentation of findings and results. Meeting unique testing & measurement requirements is one of our team’s core strengths and our work is always done within the relevant government regulatory guidelines.

Whether you require Analytical testing of food & drink, dairy, water or pharmaceuticals, ATLAS provides a comprehensive range of Microbiological, Physical & Chemical Testing services combined with industry leading technical expertise & customer service.
We provide a highly personal approach to all aspects of our service, maintaining close links with our clients throughout the testing process. Our experienced team is always willing to discuss any problems or concerns that might be present and give the best possible advice to suit the needs of our clients. Our Chemical & Biological testing services are always tailored to meet your individual analysis requirements, delivering high quality laboratory analysis to demanding deadlines and budgets. A partnership built on integrity, excellence, expert consultation and a passion to help clients create strong foundations for success — that’s Atlas Kenya Limited.


Laboratory testing is quite important as doing so helps you to know the specific products or maybe water problems that you could be facing and it also ensures that the product or water that you are using is suitable for the intended use. Another importance of testing water is that it helps you to know whether your drinking water is safe or not and it also helps to know how effective your water treatment plant or system is. At Atlas Kenya Ltd we offer professional laboratory water testing services. This is to say that we are able to give you a comprehensive report on the condition of your water through our laboratory testing services. We guarantee you that our testing results will assist you in making informed decisions about your water and how to use it. It is equally imperative to test the water that is used for different purposes. This is to say that you need to test the water that you intend to use; in your swimming pool, in irrigating, for fish ponds, for livestock, for drinking or for any other purpose. The good news is that we offer quality lab testing services for all types of water. This therefore means that we are the company to seek assistance from whenever you are in need of lab testing services.

Best Laboratory Testing Services

Monitoring your water is quite important in ensuring that your water is fit to be used for a given purpose. The best way to monitor your water is to carry out proper sampling, testing and interpretation of the results to identify the suitability of your water as well as any problems that it might be having. At our company, we provide customized water testing services specifically designed to help you know the exact condition of your water. If you are also a commercial entity dealing with water, then you can also order for our services. This is because our experts who are paid to test water are capable of determining whether your water meets the set standards or not. In other words, if you are a water treatment professional, plumber, well driller and such like professionals, then you might want to hire our services. We are glad to let you know that we deliver all our laboratory water testing services right when you need them. This is therefore a guarantee that you can always consult us whenever you are in need of urgent laboratory water testing services.
Excellence, Passion & Leadership in Laboratory Testing!